Be as Chalant as you like

I'm Jen and I live in Ireland . I have many obsessions hence my blog name. I don't even think I have a theme here anymore to what I reblog so this will all be random stuff. Enjoy x

I had more fun on the laser cutter!

EDIT: Did not expect the sudden amount of notes on these!

So just some quick info I guess! I will be selling these at conventions and maybe online after some time. These are JUST out of the laser cutter so have had no work done just yet, still gotta clean them up and varnish etc.

The Sailor Moon symblos: The moon and Saturn symbols were a little damaged, you may notice the tops of the symbols are gone but this was my test run on these :)

Guild wars 2 symbols: There IS a guardian one.. I just.. messed it up >_o

I’m also going to make some Naruto village symbols and more Celtic themed ones! And I will take suggestions on symbols etc from animes/games whatever you people think might look cool!